Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pokemon: Black & White Review

Today, for my first real blog post, I'm going to be doing a mini-review on the new Pokemon games, Black and White. I've been playing Pokemon Black recently on my DS, and I thought this was probably the best place for me to share my opinion.

Black and White are the 5th generation of the Pokemon series, and they bring quite a few new features. Some are great, like the new seasons system, the semi-3D visuals, the animations in battle, the new multiplayer options and of course, the 155 completely new Pokemon to catch. Other small features like poison not affecting Pokemon out of battle and the fact that TM's now have unlimited uses seem small, but they really are great new additions. On the other hand, some features like Triple Battles, Rotational Battles, Pokemon Musicals really just didn't interest me at all.

To be honest, I only just beat the 8th gym leader, and my play time is starting to wane. Why? Because even with all the new features, it's still the same Pokemon game we've played many times before. It really just hasn't changed enough, which isn't to say it's a bad game, just that I'm nowhere near as addicted as I was to the originals.

Two bad things that stuck out to me were the annoying trainer AI and the curiously high encounter rate. I can't stress enough how frustrating it is when a trainer keeps making their Pokemon use a healing move over and over, meaning neither of you are getting anywhere. The AI trainers in this game seem more focused on drawing the battle out as long as possible instead of trying to actually win. The encounter rate also seems higher than ever in this generation, a lot of times I'll finish a battle then take a step forward and be attacked by another Pokemon. It makes it very necessary to carry around a large pile of Max Repels.

Thankfully, and surprisingly, the new set of Pokemon are great, especially bro-tier Pokemon like Herdier and Scrafty: 

Herdier's moustache turns into an untamed beast after evolving, but he's still a massive bro:
Conclusion: This game is fun. It's the same Pokemon that everyone knows and loves. Unfortunately, that's also a bad thing. Even though I say now that it's getting boring, I know that I'll be back for more in a day or two.

Wasn't planning on giving a score, but I guess I better:
The good:
- Battle system is as good as ever
- Great new cast of Pokemon
- Great new visual style
- Interesting story
The bad:
- Not different enough from the last games
- Annoying trainer AI
- Unnecessarily high encounter rate


  1. I've been thinking giving B&W a try, been kinda back and forth on it, but hey if you say 8.5/10 I think its safe to give it a try at least :D

  2. i dont think i can start on pokemon after being out of the loop for the first ones ) i'll wait for a different review )

  3. Is there way a to battle people without grinding to level up?

  4. They still make new Pokemon games?

  5. I used to love the gameboy gold versions - so good and wasted so much time on these! :D

  6. The only reason I didn't get is because it's essentially the same game as always.

  7. Pokemon, got to get them all! haha loved that show when I was a kid.

  8. I'm still working on my pearl/platinum and HG versions, and I have black version waiting for me. I'll get to them some day.

  9. I'd like to softly remind you that there are 'Repel's in the Pokemart (now merged with the Pokecenter) for a reason...
    Other than that, it's an awesome new addition to the pokemon series.

  10. I enjoyed the new pokemon, I hadn;t played since back in the old school days of red and blue on my gameboy.

    Although, I must say I think the pokemon are just getting ridiculous now as they add more and more to the list.

  11. maybe I'll get it to play on my kids' DSI.. I've always wanted to play Pokemon.. just never had a handheld system to do it on.

  12. I've lost all interest in the new pokemon games to be honest. Oldschool is always better for me.

  13. Wayne:
    If you are an avid Pokemon fan, you will love this game. If you didn't really like the last ones, you won't like this one.

    Yu-Gi-Oh Player:
    Unfortunately no. I believe they did change the exp system a little bit though. My Pokemon went from level 4 to level 8 by beating a level 8.

    What rock have you been under?

    Wow, exact same as me, haha!
    Although, I MOSTLY finished HeartGold, haven't beaten Red yet.

    The Lillipup and Scraggy evolution families are all massive bros :)

  14. Also, Alexis:
    Yes, I know, did you read the part where I said "It makes it very necessary to carry around a large pile of Max Repels."?

  15. How do the new Pokemon compare, do you still feel a connection with them?

  16. cool, personally never tryed any of the new pokemon games

  17. That dog is like the most awesome pokemon ever!! :D